Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where does my car stay when its listed for sale with Horsepower Sales Australia?

A: Your vehicle will stay in your possession the entire time it is listed for sale through Horsepower Sales Australia. The only time it will leave your side is once it has been sold.

Q: What does it cost to sell my car through Horsepower Sales Australia?

A: There is a once off per vehicle listing fee and there will be a commission fee applicable after your vehicle as been successfully sold. There are no ongoing website or vehicle listing fees. Our fees are highly competitive in the industry, please Contact Us to find out more.

Q: What does it cost to buy a car through Horsepower Sales Australia?

A: If you purchase your next pride and joy through Horsepower Sales Australia, the only amount you pay is the vehicles final sale price. If you have seen a vehicle you are interested in please get in touch with us and we can discuss any questions you may have.

Q: How do I sell my car through Horsepower Sales Australia?

A: Please visit our Sell My Vehicle page to find out more about the entire sale process.

Q: Will my vehicles details and my personal details be published on my vehicle listing?

A: Absolutely not, Horsepower Sales Australia takes privacy very seriously. When your vehicle is photographed it will be wearing Horsepower Sales Australia unique number plates. Vehicle ID details will only be shown to serious buyers. Your personal details will remain confidential until the final sale process of your vehicle.

Q: Where do potential buyers view the vehicle?

A: Your vehicle can be viewed anywhere convenient for you and the buyer, if you wish a Horsepower Sales Australia representative can be present with you or instead of you.

Q: Where will the images be taken of my car?

A: Horsepower Sales Australia have numerous locations in most capital cities that are suitable for vehicle photography shoots. We are always open to a locals input, so if you have any ideas where you would like your vehicles images taken please let us know.

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