The Selling Process

The reason we should sell your car

Personal inspection

The selling process kicks off with a personal inspection of your vehicle. Horsepower Sales Australia will personally come and inspect your vehicle, a thorough external and internal visual inspection will be conducted to ensure that every vehicle listed on Horsepower Sales Australia is of a high standard. A 76 point report will then be formulated and sent to any serious potential buyers. Please note your vehicle remains in your possession until your vehicle has been sold and paid for in full.

The personal inspection doesn’t stop there; we will also road test your vehicle, ensuring that it is truly as good as it looks. This process will ensure that your vehicle is completely and accurately documented and described. This will ensure that any potential buyers are fully aware of your cars condition before they even see it in person.

About your pride and joy

After the inspection we will find out more about your pride and joy from you. Is your pride and joy a classic muscle car that has been in the family since new? Is it a recently restored classic? Is it a Ferrari that was uniquely customised and ordered by you? This is all great information that will communicate more value to potential buyers.

After getting to know your vehicle, Horsepower Sales Australia will then write a custom description showcasing and highlighting your vehicle. This custom description will ensure the maximum possible value is communicated to potential buyers.

Professional photo shoot

photoshopThe next step is for your vehicle to be the centre of attention in a professional photo shoot. A qualified professional photographer will showcase your vehicle with images taken using the highest quality equipment. The images will then be professionally edited to ensure crystal clear accuracy and quality.

Marketing and meeting potential customers

After the unique description, images and short film have been created for your vehicle, it is then time to market your car to potential customers. To ensure maximum exposure Horsepower Sales Australia will not only list your car on our own site, but we will also list your car, on your behalf, on platforms like social media and CarSales. This ensures the maximum possible exposure and reach of your vehicle to potential customers.

Horsepower Sales Australia makes selling your car super easy, we deal with potential buyers and answer any enquiries about your vehicle. Once a serious buyer has been identified we will then either arrange a convenient time for them to meet the vehicle with you being present, or if you would prefer a Horsepower Sales Australia representative can be present on your behalf.

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